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Apex Locators

The RomiApex™ A-15 Apex Locator is a battery-operated portable device which uses the frequency-dependent impedance method with proprietary algorithms to determine the position of the apical foramen.

Utilizing the advantages of its well-proven patented technology, RomiApex™ A-15 offers the operator performing root canal treatments an accurate, reliable and user-friendly apex locator. The custom color graphic display of the RomiApex™ A-15 helps to achieve the requiered optimal endodontic performance during root canal treatments.

Dental Diamond Burs

The RomiDiamond™ Burs Collection offers a wide range of top quality burs including:

FG Burs
Endo Burs
FG Gold Burs
RA Burs
Kits & Packages

View the full Catalogue, here on our website to find out what our dental burs collection has to offer

Implant Detectors

RomiPointer™ Implant Detector is an innovative device for precise localization of implants submerged under gum tissue.

The ergonomic user-friendly design of the RomiPointer™ Implant Detector makes it a device of choice in the modern dental clinic. Utilizing the advanced technology, RomiPointer™ Implant Detector is a precise, easy-to-use affordable device, suitable for both expirienced Implantologists and for General Practitioners building up their expirience with implants.

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